Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these the government hospital?
Yes. The hospital is under the administration of the Ministry of Health.

2. Do these hospitals offer treatment and sub-specialists?
Yes. Provide expert tour of the hospital temgku Ampuan Rahimah, hospital bay diamonds and uitm, sg.buloh, periodically.

3. How do I get specialist treatment?
You must be inspected by officials at the health clinic in advance. Letters of reference will be made and you need to get an appointment at a specialist clinic first before seeing a specialist doctor.

4.How much hospital admission charge or security for citizens and non-citizens?
For the citizens of deposit varies by discipline. RM 30 for medical or surgical cases and RM 15 for gynecological cases. While for non-citizens of RM 1100 for medical or surgical cases and RM 800 for gynecological cases.

For all cases of infectious diseases; it is free for those earning below RM300, cardholders help Welfare / well, the disabled, students, government employees: cutting @ exceptions may be considered.

5. Is diseases admitted exempt from payment?
Yes, all kinds of infectious diseases are excluded.

6.What is meant by emergency cases for treatment in the emergency department?
Emergency cases including accidents (road / at work / domestic), asthma attacks, heart attacks, fainting, snake bites, burns, seizures, bleeding genitals, food poisoning, stomach pain sudden and very strong.

7.Is heirs are allowed to wait in the ward?
Yes. Parents / guardians are allowed to wait if the patient is a child. In adults, only those who are terminally ill are allowed to wait.

8.Will critical patients admitted to the ward of this hospital?
No. only stable patients admitted to the hospital while the patient is critical to be referred to a specialist hospital nearby.

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