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Emergency and Trauma Unit


Forensic Unit Hospital Tengku Ampuan Jemaah a small unit under the management of emergency and trauma units which are placed under the supervision of a hospital supervisor.
It is a unit which manage it - management bodies / bodies from both the emergency and trauma units, ward - ward patient or body / bodies that were taken by the police.
Furthermore, the forensic unit HTAJ involved in organ and tissue donation program at the hospital.


Forensic services and give a proper funeral, efficient and ethical management system based on quality and customer satisfaction


Forensic unit provides a forensic effort by using their skills and existing facilities and offering expert assistance of specialists outside to ensure quality services, accurate, efficient, and professional as well as members who are knowledgeable, spirited pure and sensitive to the needs of customers and is based on a culture of quality teamwork and profesonalisma.


Improve forensic services for comprehensive, efficient, accurate, independent and impartial way to improve skills and competencies, creating cooperation between departments / agencies and to uphold justice and support the country's legal system.


1. Non medico legal
- Provide 24-hour service to receive and manage the body / bodies to the heirs within 24 hours

2. Medico Legal
- Give perkhidmaatan and perform an autopsy upon receipt of the request form autopsy
of the police (pol 61) and delivers the body / bodies to the heirs after autopsy completed

Function Unit

Provides forensic services such as funeral / perkhidamatan bodies such as the autopsy and organ and tissue donation program.

Officer Y / M
Mohd Sharil bin Baharom Shah

Assistant Medical Officer U29

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