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Hemodialysis Unit


Provides hemodialysis treatment quality, efficient and effective.


Creating a hemodialysis system more efficient and effective and in line with the latest technology hemodialysis.

Quality objectives

Each hemodialysis patients must undergo dialysis for 4 hours per session three times a week.


Hemodialysis treatment will be in accordance with the schedule set, namely:
1,3,5 shifts Monday, Wednesday and Friday
2,4,6 shifts Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Hemodialysis Unit functions

Running hemodialysis for kidney failure patients according to the prescribed shift. Hemodialysis Unit also performs emergency treatment if needed hemodialysis on doctor's orders. Table 'oncall' paramedics and KDP are available.

Arrange an appointment for a patient session Clinic nephrologist (schedule determined by nephrologist). Patients will be examined by a Physician of Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang once every three months during the session nephrology clinic. Blood tests and effectiveness of dialysis treatment to patients (KT / V) will also be examined. Health education, nutrition and drugs are also given to help patients control their optimal health. Blood samples were taken at the clinic session or according to the requirements of the directive doctor to monitor the health and condition of the patient.

There are booths and special machines for patients with hepatitis B infection. Members were 6 and 3 PPK paramedic on duty shift and also during office hours. Every day there are 3 shifts treatment.

While also doing hemodialysis patients following the instructions nephrologist:

1. Patients from other hospitals hemodialysis unit for any reason.
2. Patients requiring hemodialysis CAPD while.
3. Patients from the treatment center NGO / private ailing and hospitalized or
reference of the emergency unit and outpatient unit.
4. Patients are currently being stabilized while awaiting treatment options.

Head of Unit
Name: Norita binti Laisi
Position: Nurse U32KUP

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