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Infection Control Unit

Introduction of the unit

To enhance the quality of patient Hospiatal Tengku Ampuan Jemaah Sabak Bernam infection control program is one of the most important and should be practiced by every member of Health to ensure the maximum level of care can dipenuhi.Unit serves to monitor the clinical activity undertaken to reduce Healthcare Associated Infection (CAI) to an acceptable level by improving knowledge of infection control to all personnel involved directly or indirectly during the care giver to pesakit.Unit is controlled by a Medical Officer and Nurse Nurse Link / infection control Link Nurse with ICN norm 1: 110 patients.


Provide quality health services and hospital creating an environment that is safe and free from nosocomial infections.


Ensure that individuals continue to adopt infection control practices to staff and patients in a safe and healthy environment.


  1. Provide effective infection control in the prevention and control of infections in hospitals.
  2. Ensure that each member of the hospital by hospital infection control guidelines (MOH)
  3. Ensure that each member of the hospital stints with the guidelines 'Standard Precaution' to prevent infection and safety.
  4. Improve service quality infection control and awareness, knowledge and training related to infection control and hospital personnel support services.


  1. Ensure members are given the awareness and understanding about standard precaution and to prevent nosocomial infections.
  2. Ensure that all members of the practice of hand hygiene on the job through regular monitoring.
  3. Each case 'Alert Organism' will be reported to the State Health Department.
  4. Each member of the needle (Sharp Injury) while on duty will be notified to the Occupational Safety and Health Unit, Department of State Health and referenced guidelines MOH needlestick injuries.

Function Unit

  1. Handle data and information on nosocomial infections surveillance
  2. Perform Standard Precaution 'in accordance with the Policies and Procedures MOH Infection Control among hospital staff.
  3. Provide police and security procedures for the hospital staff together with a safety and health program.
  4. Identify, investigate and control the spread of infectious diseases.
  5. Provide training and education to health workers.

Name of Head of Unit
Azura binti Arshad
Head Nurse U32

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