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Outpatient Department

Is a unit that provides outpatient services at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Jemaah Sabak Bernam. Located adjacent to emergency and Trauma Unit and Clinic.


All walks of life get the best health services in line with the progress of the country.


Ensure that all layers of the community as a whole receives health services and quality in line with the emphasis element of caring, professionalism and teamwork.

Service Objective

For the examination and treatment of patients outside the effective and efficient.

Quality Objectives

Client will receive the examination / treatment within 90 miniit after registration


Ensure that the waiting time for customers to meet the Medical Officer of less than 30 minutes for 10% of total daily attendance of patients on a daily basis.

Function Unit

1. Make checks and treatment to customers who own dating (walk - in) or referral cases from other units in HTAJ, hospitals, health clinics and private clinics nearby.

2.Refering customers goes a treatment specialist to specialist clinic or hospital if necessary spiked.

3.Providing health screening facilities for enrollment at the school full residential and IPT, gun license application, confirmation disabled / Welfare Officer New Appointment in a scheme of service / employment.

4.Make light and simple procedures such as dressing, ECG and installation / conversion urine tube (CBD) / Ryle's Tube.

Assistant Medical Officer U32

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