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Medical Records Unit

Medical Records Unit is a non-clinical services diHTAJ Sabak Bernam. The unit consists of 2 Assistant Records Officer, 1 Assistant Administrator, Office Assistant and 2.

The services provided are:

  1. Handling all affairs related to storage and management of patient medical records safely and orderly. This unit is also a 'custodian' to the records stored in units and specialist clinics.
  2. Manage the preparation of various medical reports including the autopsy report / police / insurance and government departments
  3. Provides statistical reports include routine hospital or 'adhoc'. Statistical information available on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This information will be submitted to the higher authorities, whether in the State Health Department, Ministry of Health and other agencies
  4. Handles separation and disposal of records and files Unit Records which have reached the storage period in accordance with the regulations set by the Department of National Archives of Malaysia and the Ministry of Health Malaysia
  5. Manage application confirmation medical reports from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
  6. Manage application confirmation late registration of birth.

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