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Occupational Safety & Health Policy Hospital

Occupational health and safety policy is adopted by all HTAJ Sabak Bernam. It covers aspects of security for every employee without exception in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health.

Basically, the management HTAJ own Sabak Bernam ensure the workplace is safe and not at risk, through a process of monitoring conducted from time to time.

The objective of this policy covers all employees without exception. Ensuring the work environment, work organization and employees are safe without risk.


1. Establish a system of work and the working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of workers and others on the premises.

2. Saving, use and control of materials and equipment safely and without risk to health.

3. Provide PPE equipment to be used for work at risk.

4. Ensure that other people safe and without risk to health caused by work activities through other people's information about the activities carried out work.

5. Provide information, instruction, training and supervision to employees.

6. Establish a safety and health committee.

7. Conduct audit safety and health at work.

8. Any member can report the situation and where the risk of an accident.

Hospital director,

HTAJ Sabak Bernam.

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